【Tournament Updates】(2017.09.24)

We will play 10s instead of 7s for active players in 2019 5 Nations Match.◆Reasons1) To make a better opportunity for the forwards to participate.2) To have more active players participate.

【Result :   The Tokyo Cup Tournament 2017 】

・ Game1  1st division   16 April
Superman R.F.C  57  -   Yellowbacks  13

First winning game of new captain & vice-captains.

・Game2  30 April
      Superman R.F.C  82  -  Tokyo Crusaders  5

・Game3 28 May
      Superman R.F.C  62  -   Dasewa club  12

Thank you for your continued support.

「2019年夢の5ケ国対抗戦」  5nationsDreammatch


1975年の創部から2015年までの40年間に、スパーマンR.F.Cは、カナダ、ウエールズ、ニュージーランドの3か国に計6回の海外遠征をおこなってきた。2019年のラグビーW 杯日本開催を契機として、この3か国と米国(かつてのチームメイトアシュビーからオファーのあった)を加えた4ケ国を日本東京に招き、5ケ国による親善交流試合を実施する。












日本;スーパーマンR.F.C *セブンズは2チーム(または連合チームで1)






1)セブンズ大会(現役ファーストメンバーによる)⇒予選6試合。 順位決定戦3試合。

  3チームづつ2プールで予選 その後 順位決定戦 *カップ争奪戦とする*   







「フライト代(往復)」 各々のチームでの自己負担でお願いする。

「宿泊」 4日間はホームステイを基本とする。


「食事代および国内交通費」 ホームステイ先負担を基本とする。



5 Nations Dream Match


In the 40 years since its beginning in 1975, Superman R.F.C has visited 3 different countries. Canada, Wales, and New Zealand, a total of six times for the purpose of deepening relations with our friends and partners overseas. The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan and we are honored to host a 5 Nations friendly match in Tokyo, inviting the 3 previous mention countries, Japan and the United States. (Offered by our old teammate Ashby.)



Sat, October 12, 2019 ~ Wed, October 16, 2019 (4 nights total)


Invited Teams

① Canada:Vancouver Rowing R.F.C

② Wales:Bridgend Athletic R.F.C

③ New Zealand:Grammar TEC R.F.C

④ United States:Missoula All-Maggots R.F.C


Hosted by

[Japan] Superman R.F.C

※We will separate into two teams, to meet the required number of teams for the Sevens Championships Tournament.


Requested Number of Participants

20~25 / per team


Tournament Schedule

Type A:Sevens Championships ( 7 people followed by active players)

・6 primary matches and 3 final offs

・3 teams/ per pool to advance to the finals


Type B:Friendly Match (15 people followed by all 5 nations senior players combined together)

・3~4 matches, 15~20 mins/ per match

・Superman R.F.C will provide standby members in every match as needed

・All the matches will be attempted to be held within a day 

Offered Contents

Flights:Each participant is responsible for booking their own flights and the other expenses that have to do with travel.

Hotels:Each participant will be provided a place to stay during the duration of your time.

Food and Transportation:Your host family is responsible for such expenses incurred during your stay.


Each individual/team should be responsible for any other optional tours before or after this occasion. Thank you.